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Hire Nurses In Ireland

Personalized Consultation

Our dedicated team works closely with nursing homes to understand their unique staffing needs and objectives, while also getting to know job seekers to identify their career goals and qualifications. This personalized approach enables us to create the perfect match between nursing homes and candidates.

Targeted Job Advertising and Sourcing

We craft compelling job advertisements and utilize a variety of platforms, including local and international job boards, social media, and professional networks, to source the best candidates from Ireland and India. Job seekers can rely on CATS Consulting for personalized job alerts.

Thorough Screening and Interviews

Our team conducts rigorous screening and interviews to ensure candidates meet the required qualifications and skills for each position. We provide support and guidance to both nursing homes and job seekers throughout the interview process, ensuring clear communication and expectations from both sides.

International Recruitment Expertise

CATS Consulting's international recruitment expertise ensures a smooth experience for nursing homes hiring candidates from India. We provide guidance on work permit applications and visa processing requirements, while also assisting job seekers with their relocation process, including housing, banking, and cultural adjustment.

Job Offer and Onboarding Support

We assist nursing homes in finalizing candidate selection, preparing job offers, and coordinating the onboarding process. Job seekers receive support in evaluating job offers, negotiating contract terms, and completing necessary documentation and travel arrangements.

Ongoing Partnership and Success

CATS Consulting is committed to the long-term success of our clients and candidates. We maintain regular communication and provide ongoing support to ensure nursing homes continue to have access to top talent, while job seekers can rely on us for future career opportunities and professional development advice.

Our Recruitment Process

Let CATS Consulting be your trusted partner in achieving the perfect match between Irish nursing homes and skilled candidates. Experience the benefits of our comprehensive and personalized recruitment services today.

Why Choose Us

Industry Expertise

In-depth knowledge and experience working with Irish nursing homes, ensuring tailored solutions that address their unique needs.

Comprehensive Services

One-stop shop for health care recruitment, accounting services, and design, digital marketing, and tech integration solutions.

Customized Approach

Personalized strategies and services designed to align with each nursing home's specific goals and requirements.


Cutting-edge marketing and technology solutions to optimize performance and stay ahead of industry trends.

Proven Result

Track record of delivering measurable improvements in growth, efficiency, and ROI for our clients.

Dedicated Support

Ongoing assistance and guidance from our team of experts, committed to your nursing home's success.

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