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Understanding Salaries of Healthcare Workers in Irish Nursing Homes | Staff nurse salary in Ireland

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Staff Nurse Salary in Ireland

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In the vibrant healthcare industry of Ireland, nursing homes offer valuable care and support to seniors and individuals in need. If you're considering a career in healthcare, it's crucial to understand the salary ranges for healthcare workers in Irish nursing homes. This blog explores the minimum and average salaries, highlighting the earning potential and career growth opportunities in this fulfilling field.

Salaries of Healthcare Assistants (HCAs):

Healthcare assistants (HCAs) play a vital role in providing hands-on care and assistance to residents in nursing homes. The minimum wage for HCAs in Ireland is set at 10.5 euros per hour. However, with experience and skill development, HCAs can earn an average wage of 11.55 euros per hour upto 12.5 euros per hour, reflecting their increased proficiency and expertise in delivering quality care.

Salaries of Staff Nurses:

Staff nurses hold essential positions in nursing homes, ensuring the well-being and medical care of residents. The minimum wage for staff nurses is set at 18 euros per hour. With experience, specialized certifications, and advanced qualifications, staff nurses can earn an average wage of 20.51 euros per hour, acknowledging their valuable contributions and clinical expertise.

Factors Influencing Salaries in Irish Nursing Homes:

Several factors influence the salary variations among healthcare workers in Irish nursing homes. These factors include experience level, additional certifications, professional development, leadership roles, and specialized skills. As healthcare professionals gain experience and enhance their qualifications, they become eligible for promotions and higher-paying positions within the nursing home setting.

Career Growth and Benefits:

Working in Irish nursing homes not only offers competitive salaries but also opportunities for career growth and attractive benefits. Many nursing homes provide benefits such as pension schemes, healthcare coverage, paid leave, and professional development programs. These additional perks contribute to a comprehensive compensation package, ensuring job satisfaction and personal growth.


The healthcare sector in Irish nursing homes presents rewarding career opportunities with competitive salaries. Healthcare assistants (HCAs) earn a minimum wage of 10.50 euros, which can increase to an average wage of 12.55 euros with experience. Staff nurses earn a minimum wage of 18 euros, with an average wage of 20.51 euros based on expertise and qualifications. By pursuing a career in Irish nursing homes, healthcare professionals can contribute to the well-being of residents while enjoying fair compensation and potential for career advancement.

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