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Virginia Community Health Centre

Virginia Community Health Centre - Positioned on Dublin Rd, Rahardrum, Virginia, Cavan, Virginia Community Health Centre is focused on promoting senior wellness. Their website,, reflects their community-centered approach.

Virginia Community Health Centre

Senior Wellness: The Virginia Community Health Centre aims to provide comprehensive healthcare services and support for seniors in the community.

Primary Care Team: The center houses a Primary Care Team that delivers primary health care to people living in Virginia and the surrounding areas. The team includes healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, and occupational therapists [3].

Public Health Nursing: The Public Health Nursing Service offered by the center provides a wide range of personal health and social care to older people, individuals with acute and chronic illnesses, and those with disabilities who are medical cardholders. This service includes wound dressings, care needs assessment, care for the terminally ill, and support for early hospital discharges [3].

Occupational Therapy: The Occupational Primary Care service aims to enable clients to live as independently as possible in their homes. Occupational therapists provide assistive devices and advice on adaptations to ensure a safe and accessible home environment for elderly individuals [3].

General Practitioners (GPs): The Virginia Primary Care Team includes experienced general practitioners who offer medical care to residents in Virginia and the surrounding areas [7].

Inspection Reports: The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has conducted an inspection at the Virginia Community Health Centre. The inspection report provides valuable insights into the quality of care and services provided at the center

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