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St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph's Hospital - This St. Joseph's Hospital is part of the Bon Secours Care Village, located in Mount Desert, Lee Road, Cork. The website reflects their dedication to providing compassionate and comprehensive care for seniors.

St. Joseph's Hospital

Long Term Care: St. Joseph's Hospital offers long-term care services for seniors, providing them with a comfortable and safe living space in the care village.

Residential Living Space: The hospital has a high standard of residential living space on the ground floor level, surrounded by mature trees and gardens in a peaceful, rural setting.

Cedar Lodge Apartments: Within the Care Village, Cedar Lodge consists of 7 individual apartments designed for independent living in a safe, comfortable, and secure environment.

Healthcare Excellence: The Bon Secours Care Village, including St. Joseph's Hospital, upholds a commitment to excellence in healthcare. Their approach to care focuses on treating residents as individuals, recognizing their unique needs, and delivering a high standard of care to meet those needs.

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