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Nephin Nursing Home

Nephin Nursing Home is a place where residents come first. Where scrupulously high standards of nursing care are combined with common sense and compassion. Where relationships matter and days are filled with purpose. At Nephin Nursing Home, we want to make your family member feel at home.

Nephin Nursing Home

Bright and spacious
Sunlight and space are two qualities in abundance at Nephin Nursing Home. The large, airy dining room opens directly onto a beautiful and secure garden, encouraging residents to enjoy time outdoors.

Features include
• Lifts for easy access to every part of the home
• Oratory
• Hair salon
• Activity and treatment rooms
• Visitor’s lounge
• Laundry facilities
• Dining room
• Beautiful garden for secure outdoor enjoyment

We use the very best evidence-based practice to ensure we offer the highest quality nursing care, as well as a vibrant atmosphere that encourages an active, fulfilling daily life.

The provision of care is based on making sure our nursing and healthcare assistants are properly supported to give the kind of personal care our residents need.

We invest in regular training, procedures and standards across hygiene, mobility, nutrition and recreation so that our residents’ needs are met and they feel safe, secure and well looked after.

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