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Lisdarn Unit for the Elderly

Lisdarn Unit for the Elderly - Located in Lisdarn, Cavan, Lisdarn Unit for the Elderly offers personalized care for seniors. Their website,, emphasizes their dedication to enhancing residents' well-being.

Lisdarn Unit for the Elderly

Personalized Care: Lisdarn Unit for the Elderly provides personalized care services for elderly residents. This includes support and assistance tailored to meet individual needs.

Respite Care: The facility offers respite care services to provide temporary relief to caregivers and families. Respite services are designed to support elderly individuals who may need short-term care and assistance.

Reconfiguration Plans: There were reported plans to reconfigure the Lisdarn Unit for transitional care for patients discharged from acute hospitals [4]. The reconfiguration aimed to address bed occupancy pressures at Cavan General Hospital and provide "step-down" beds for patients who no longer require acute medical care.

Inspection Reports: The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) conducts inspections of healthcare facilities. Lisdarn Centre had a rehabilitation and community inspection on 23rd September 2020. The inspection reports provide valuable insights into the quality of care provided at the facility.

Contact Information: For further details or inquiries, interested individuals can contact the facility directly at the provided phone number

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