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Cois Abhainn

Cois Abhainn - Situated in Greencloyne, Youghal, Cork, Cois Abhainn offers personalized care for seniors. Their website,, emphasizes their commitment to promoting a peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle.

Cois Abhainn

Cois Abhainn, located in Greencloyne, Youghal, Cork, is dedicated to providing personalized care for seniors, promoting a peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle. As part of their commitment to ensuring the well-being of their residents, they offer various services and amenities tailored to meet individual needs.

Key Services and Features:

Personalized Care: Cois Abhainn takes pride in providing personalized care to each resident, recognizing their unique preferences and requirements.

Peaceful and Enjoyable Lifestyle: The facility emphasizes creating a peaceful and enjoyable environment for seniors, offering a serene setting and various amenities to enhance their quality of life.

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