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Ardsley Nursing Home

Ardsley Nursing Home - Ardsley Nursing Home is situated in Farran, Cork. While they don't have a website listed, their focus on offering specialized care for seniors is apparent.

Ardsley Nursing Home

Specialized Care: Ardsley Nursing Home is dedicated to providing specialized care tailored to the individual needs of each resident. The facility is equipped to cater to different dependency levels, including those who require ongoing nursing care.

Comfortable Accommodation: The nursing home offers comfortable accommodation to its residents, ensuring they have a safe and homely environment. The facility's design is intended to create a pleasant and secure atmosphere for all residents.

Experienced Staff: Ardsley Nursing Home boasts a team of qualified and experienced staff, including registered nurses, healthcare assistants, and other support personnel. The staff is committed to delivering attentive and compassionate care to the residents.

Personalized Choices: Residents at Ardsley Nursing Home continue to have personal choices on all aspects of daily living, allowing them to maintain their independence and individuality.

Stimulating Activities: The facility provides a variety of stimulating activities for the residents to engage in, encouraging social interaction and mental stimulation. These activities are designed to cater to each individual's interests and mobility levels.

Compliance with Quality Standards: Ardsley Nursing Home adheres to all national quality standards for residential care settings for older people in Ireland. The facility undergoes inspections to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Contact Information: For more information or inquiries about the services provided by Ardsley Nursing Home, interested parties can contact the Health Service Executive (HSE) at the provided phone numbers

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