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Woodlawn Manor Nursing Home

You can indulge in the following amenities with us:

1. Empathetic Support: Our staff is dedicated to upholding our Philosophy of Care, ensuring each resident feels cherished, valued, and receives the attention they deserve.

2. Breathtaking Environment: Nestled within the grounds of St Doolagh's House, Woodlawn Manor Nursing Home offers picturesque vistas of the surrounding countryside, with select areas providing enchanting sea views.

3. Engaging Pursuits: We strive to offer activities tailored to your desires, ensuring enjoyment and opportunities for personal growth. Collaborating with our Activity Coordinator, we'll craft a customized program that aligns with your needs, capabilities, and preferences.

Woodlawn Manor Nursing Home
Care is what we do.

Woodlawn Manor provides specialized care services:

1. **Residential Nursing Care:**
Led by a highly qualified Director of Nursing, our dedicated team delivers exceptional and personalized care, focusing on residents' well-being.

2. **End of Life Care:**
We recognize the importance of end-of-life care, starting with personalized planning upon admission to ensure residents' and families' needs are met with compassion.

3. **Convalescent Care:**
Tailored care plans support individuals recovering from illness, surgery, or medical treatment, emphasizing strength and mobility.

4. **Respite Care:**
Respite care at Woodlawn Manor is designed to feel like a holiday, with personalized activity programs and meal plans for a comfortable stay.

5. **Dementia Care:**
With extensive experience, our goal is to support residents with dementia in leading independent lives, offering tailored care plans and support for families.

Embodying Jean Watson's words, "Caring is the essence of nursing," Woodlawn Manor prioritizes compassionate and individualized care in every service we provide.

What Sets Us Apart

All About Us

Compassionate Care Approach:
At Woodlawn Manor Nursing Home, we adhere to our unique Philosophy of Care, where each staff member is dedicated to ensuring that every resident experiences a sense of care, value, and receives the individualized attention they deserve.

Scenic Surroundings:
Nestled in the grounds of St Doolagh's House, Woodlawn Manor Nursing Home offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, with some vantage points providing glimpses of the sea.

Engaging Activities:
Our commitment is to provide activities that align with your interests, bring enjoyment, and offer a level of challenge if desired. Collaborating with our Activity Coordinator, we tailor an activity program specifically to your needs, abilities, and preferences.

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