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The Marlay Nursing Home

Established in 2001, Tara Winthrop Private Clinic is a private long-term care facility with a management team boasting over fifty years of combined expertise in owning and operating nursing homes. Recognized for our competencies in addressing the needs of individuals with complex medical conditions, we have earned acclaim for providing quality care within the healthcare services sector.

As a distinctive long-term care provider, we implement a unique model of skilled nursing and medical care. Our in-house Medical Director is available five days a week, collaborating with local GPs and hospital consultants. The comprehensive team includes the Director of Nursing, Assistant Directors, Clinical Nurse Managers, nurses, healthcare assistants, physiotherapists, and ancillary staff.

Tara Winthrop Private Clinic

Diverse Suites to Meet Specific Needs:
- Lambay Suite: Designed for high to maximum care needs, accommodating those under 75 with chronic neurological conditions (32 beds).
- Columba Suite: Dedicated to nursing and palliative care for residents with chronic long-term conditions (33 beds).
- Iona Suite: Catering to nursing and palliative care needs (10 beds).
- Erris Suite: Focused on frail elderly residents over 65 with chronic long-term illnesses (33 beds).
- Shenick Suite: Tailored for residents over 65 with specific care requirements related to chronic mental health and severe cognitive impairment (32 beds).

**Comprehensive Health Services:**
- Medical doctor liaises with local G.P.'s and Hospital Consultants.
- Residents can choose their own General Practitioner.
- Two full-time Physiotherapists available.
- Access to Occupational Therapy, Dietician, Speech & Language, Chiropody services.
- Visiting Optician service and assistance with dental appointments.

**Social Services and Advocacy:**
- Health and Social Care team organizes activities for residents.
- Guardian ad Litum service for residents needing assistance or advocacy.
- Individualized care planning coordinated by the multidisciplinary team in collaboration with residents and their families.

**Expert Care with Skilled Staff:**
- Staff selected for a diverse mix of skills and talents.
- Ongoing training and development with regular reviews.
- Care Team ensures residents' needs are met and addresses concerns.

**Catering Services for Nutritional Excellence:**
- Team of chefs catering to special dietary needs.
- Fresh, nutritious meals prepared daily from quality-assured local suppliers.

**Enhancing Well-being through Multi-Sensory Environment:**
- SNOEZELEN Multi-Sensory Environment for a range of sensory experiences.

**Additional Services:**
- Hairdressing salon operating four days a week.
- Hydrotherapy pool.
- Physiotherapy facility.
- Massage therapy.
- Visiting Clergy with live Mass distributed to all rooms weekly.
- Daily newspaper delivery on request.
- On-site shop.
- Personal laundry service.
- Ambulance/mini-bus service for residents' transportation to outside activities or appointments.

What Sets Us Apart

All About Us

Unique Model of Nursing and Medical Care:-
As a long-term care provider, Tara Winthrop operates a distinctive model of skilled nursing and medical care. This includes an in-house licensed Medical Director available five days a week, overseeing clinical quality and medical policies/practices.

**Tara Winthrop Therapy:**
With a large team of skilled professionals, Tara Winthrop Private Clinic maintains a unique staff-to-patient ratio. This allows the management of complex care needs and enables on-site delivery of medical procedures and therapies that may not be feasible in other settings.

**Multi-Disciplinary Staff:**
The Medical Director collaborates closely with a multi-disciplinary team, involving local GPs and hospital consultants. Key members include the Director of Nursing, Assistant Directors, Clinical Nurse Managers, Staff Nurses, and Senior Physiotherapists. Support is provided by Healthcare Assistants, Health and Social Care Assistants, as well as catering, housekeeping, and ancillary staff.

**Tara Winthrop Staff Accreditation:**
Tara Winthrop Private Clinic is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland for B.Sc Nursing degree student placements and M.Sc level placements. Additionally, the clinic is a registered provider with the Health Information & Quality Authority, and the latest report can be accessed []

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