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Shrewsbury House Nursing Home

We are family run private residential Nursing Home. The home was founded in 1958 by the present owners grandparents. We have always been a family run business and the continuity from having three different generations working and running the home together is a major benefit for residents and their families.

Shrewsbury House Nursing Home

We cater to both male and female residents aged 18 and above, requiring long-term care. The agreement between the Proprietor and the Resident stipulates that the Proprietor shall provide the following services for an agreed-upon remuneration:

- Physiotherapy upon request
- Occupational Therapy
- Chiropody
- Dry Cleaning (nominal cost)
- Hand/Body Massage
- Therapeutic Hand Massage/Nail Care
- Daily Newspapers
- Hairdresser
- Shop selling sweets, minerals, and cards
- Pharmacy daily deliveries
- Speech and Language Therapist
- Dietician
- Tissue Viability
- Dentist
- Dining – Always fresh and varied

Our kitchen offers a diverse selection of fresh, daily-prepared meals, with a focus on variety and freshness. Special diets, including Vegetarian, Coeliac, Renal, and Diabetic, are accommodated. Meals are served in a bright and airy dining room, with breakfast served in bed. Residents also have the option to have meals served in their own rooms.

Services and facilities/Activities provided by Shrewsbury House Nursing Home include:

- 35 Residents
- 14 single and 7 double rooms
- Bed and board
- Hairdressing room with tea/coffee making facilities available for residents and family members
- Nursing and personal care tailored to the Resident's level of care needs
- Bedding (other than specialist beds)
- Laundry Service
- Basic aids and appliances for daily living assistance

We have a fully vaccinated cat named Poppy, who enjoys being cared for by the residents.

What Sets Us Apart

All About Us

We accommodate a total of 35 residents at Shrewsbury House Nursing Home, with 15 single rooms, 7 double rooms, and 2 multirooms. Some of our rooms feature ensuite facilities and offer picturesque views of our gardens and courtyard. We adhere to the National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland, ensuring a comprehensive and professional experience for residents and their families.

Our Aims:
Shrewsbury Houses Nursing Home Ltd. is dedicated to delivering individualized care packages aimed at enhancing the quality of life for each resident. We prioritize dignity, compassion, and the acceptance and valuation of residents in a secure and stimulating environment.

Our Objectives:
- Offer a flexible structured program based on the assessment of residents' needs, interests, and choices, accounting for factors such as gender, religion, culture, language, and ability.
- Provide a holistic and confidential approach to care, emphasizing individuality, dignity, empathy, and understanding.
- Empower residents to maintain control over personal aspects of daily life, financial affairs, and possessions.
- Ensure the exercise of civil and natural rights, access to community services and activities, and the ability to live in a safe and homelike environment.
- Foster personal independence and responsibility for daily living tasks.
- Support the maintenance of personal relationships, both within and outside the nursing home.

Shrewsbury House is equipped to cater to residents with maximum dependency needs. All rooms feature electric beds, wheelchair accessibility, and the availability of hoists. Wheelchair-accessible bathroom facilities, peg feeds, in-dwelling catheters, and subcutaneous fluids are accommodated. Each room is tastefully decorated, emphasizing safety and comfort. Residents are encouraged to personalize their space with personal items. Rooms are equipped with a Nurse Call Bell, wash hand basin, vanity unit, and TV point. WIFI is available throughout the nursing home, and accessibility features include chair lifts, wheelchair ramps, and handrails in corridors and bathrooms.

Our gardens, teeming with wildlife, offer a serene backdrop, and residents enjoy daily walks in the fine weather. The grounds attract visits from squirrels, rabbits, and a variety of birds. Our gardens serve as a delightful setting for parties throughout the year.

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