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Our Lady’s Manor Nursing Home, Dalkey



"The Difference is Love" sm©

"We aspire for our homes not to be just better but the absolute best." Mother M. Angeline Teresa O. Carm.

The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm form a religious congregation dedicated to serving God through an apostolate focused on caring for the elderly. Established in 1929 by Mother M. Angeline Teresa, a visionary woman of the 20th century from Co. Tyrone, this religious community has profoundly shaped the future of elderly healthcare. Through the unwavering dedication of committed staff members, the homes operated by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm continue to set the standard in care.

The qualities embodied by Mother Angeline persist as the defining features of Carmelite Care. You can anticipate that these qualities, inspired by Mother Angeline, will permeate every aspect of care provided to you or your loved ones, as each person here is regarded as special.

our lady’s manor


- 118 single rooms with en-suite facilities
- Expansive dining and sitting rooms, along with sun lounges
- Elevators for convenient access
- Wheelchair-friendly spaces
- Telephone and television amenities
- A serene meditation garden of exquisite beauty

What Sets Us Apart

All About Us

Our Residence
A Comfortable Home-Like Setting

At Our Lady's Manor, we present inviting rooms adorned in gentle pastel hues and furnished for comfort. Our goal is to create an environment where residents can truly feel at home, enjoying everything that contributes to their well-being, happiness, and safety.


Care Options Provided

- Long Term Care
- Convalescent Care
- Respite Care


- Single rooms with en-suite facilities, accommodating 118 Residents
- Spacious dining and sitting rooms, complemented by sun lounges
- Lifts for accessibility
- Wheelchair-friendly spaces
- Telephone and television amenities
- A serene meditation garden


We provide a diverse selection of freshly home-cooked meals on a daily basis. Our catering services extend to accommodating special dietary needs, ensuring that every resident's nutritional requirements are met with care and attention.

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