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Orwell Healthcare

Orwell Queen of Peace specialises in Long Term Residential Care, providing home from home for residents. In 2017 Orwell Healthcare acquired Orwell Queen of Peace, based off Garville Road in Rathgar as a second location. It was previously owned by the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres.

In 2019 planning permission was granted to expand the 46 bedded location to a state of the art, modern facility using up to date design and technology for best practice.

We are working with architects and planners and look forward to the opening of Phase 1 in 2022. More to follow.

Life at Orwell Queen of Peace

We provide a range of therapies and services, including:

Orwell Healthcare boasts an in-house full multidisciplinary team and a dedicated physiotherapy gym. A physiotherapy assessment and personalized program are included in the fee for residents in the Elgin Convalescence Unit. Long-term residents receive physiotherapy support, including a falls risk assessment upon admission. Ongoing physiotherapy is available five days a week at an additional cost. In the Acquired Brain Injury Unit, we offer goal-driven and person-centered physiotherapy programs through one-to-one or group sessions based on residents' needs and goals.

Occupational Therapy:
Available five days a week, with an additional cost for referrals.

Our psychology services include assessments, one-to-one counseling sessions, and support groups in the Acquired Brain Injury Unit. Family support and education on brain injury and its challenges are also provided.

Dietician and Speech and Language Therapy:
Our dietician oversees the menu, and referrals are available for nutritional issues. Speech and Language Therapy, including swallow assessments, is covered in the fee. Extra sessions incur additional charges.

The HSE chiropodist visits every four months. Private chiropody services are available if needed outside of HSE visiting times or without a medical card, incurring an extra cost.

Stoma Care Advice:
Stoma care nurse services are available upon GP request.

Optician Service:
We can arrange free optician visits with a medical card. Bifocal lenses have an associated cost, and private optician visits incur a charge.

Dental Service:
Oral cancer screening is provided annually or as needed through the GMS scheme. New dentures are available under the GMS scheme every five years.

Transport Services:
Orwell Healthcare has acquired a Wheelchair Accessible local transport minibus for timely appointments. Whether it's a transfer to Orwell Healthcare or a door-to-door journey, our 8-seat, fully accessible minibus is available for an additional charge.

What Sets Us Apart

All About Us

For over 35 years, Orwell Healthcare has been dedicated to delivering exceptional nursing and medical care, embodying an ethos rooted in treating individuals and their loved ones with the same respect they deserve.

As a family-run business led by Peter and Dr. Mary Jones, both seasoned healthcare professionals, Orwell Private and Orwell Queen of Peace have been established as centers of excellence in care provision. Underpinning each service is a universal commitment to empowerment and respect for individuals, with a particular emphasis on enhancing independent living whenever possible.

Our Values:
At the heart of our mission are core values centered on respecting the dignity, independence, and privacy of every resident. The paramount concern is upholding the rights of our residents. Orwell Healthcare strives to deliver top-quality care, specifically tailored for older individuals and those with disabilities, within a homely and comfortable environment. We maintain a family ethos, fostering a neighborhood setting that is conveniently located near all amenities.

Encouraging interactions, allowing the expression of beliefs, and respecting individual choices are fundamental aspects of our approach at Orwell Healthcare.

Our Mission:
Our mission is twofold - to promote best practices and adhere to standards that encompass responsibility, integrity, excellence, and empathy. Additionally, we aim to provide a wide range of accommodation options and daily routines to suit individual preferences. Regularly seeking and valuing input from residents and their families, we actively act on constructive feedback to continually enhance our services.

Since 2018, Orwell Healthcare proudly stands as the only private Nursing Home in Ireland affiliated with the UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Systems. Serving as an ideal location for UCD 2nd and 3rd Year Nursing Students to undertake Specialist Clinical Placements in Community Nursing Training, we actively share knowledge and experience in areas such as 'Care of the Older Person,' Care Plans, ABI Care, and Convalescent Care.

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