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Ashford House Nursing Home

Ashford House Nursing home has undergone a major redevelopment. We are currently taking inquiries for places within our expanded and state of the art nursing home. If you are interested in a place in our home please email us at or call us on (01) 280 9877

Ashford House Nursing Home Dun Laoghaire

Ashford House offers a selection of single and shared rooms, all equipped with en-suite facilities. Residents are encouraged to personalize their space by bringing favorite items, pictures, or photographs for added familiarity and comfort. The premises, including bedrooms, corridors, and bathrooms, are designed with safety in mind, featuring handrails and call bells. Each suite includes a sitting room for residents to unwind, and Ashford House boasts purpose-built facilities such as an activities room, library, sensory room, and hair salon, all collaboratively designed with a dementia care expert. Additionally, each suite incorporates a treatment room accessible to healthcare professionals, promoting seamless collaboration within a multi-disciplinary care team. This approach aligns with the biopsychosocial model of nursing, addressing biological, psychological, and social factors for a holistic resident care experience.

What Sets Us Apart

All About Us

Established since 1972, Ashford House is a beautiful period residence with a modern extension providing comfortable surroundings for our residents.

We are committed to consistently high standards and our ethos is to meet each individual’s needs with dignity in a relaxing environment.

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