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Aclare House Nursing Home

Aclare House fosters a love of life and nurtures each individual through a person centred approach to care. We offer excellent standard of care in a warm homely atmosphere

Aclare House Nursing Home

**Facilities and Features:**

- Nurse call system for immediate assistance.
- Central dimmer lights for adjustable ambiance.
- Vanity wash hand basins for convenience.
- Television points and overhead lights in each bedroom.

*Demonstrated to residents on admission or as needed.*

- Corridors, WC, and bathrooms equipped with nurse call facilities and handrails.
- Robust fire safety policy with regular drills and instruction on exits and fire extinguishers.

*No Smoking Policy:* Designated smoking area provided.

*Privacy and Dignity:* Room signs with numbers and options for "do not disturb" or "please knock before entering."


- All residents have access to the nursing home phone.
- Priority for nursing home business; residents charged accordingly.
- Public phone available for residents' use.
- Room phones can be arranged if requested.

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**Nursing Home Services:**

- Hairdresser
- Music/Entertainment
- Massage Therapy
- Mobile Library
- Pet Therapy
- Moto Med Exercise Bike
- Daily Newspaper
- Clergy
- Speech and Language Therapy
- Chiropody
- Physiotherapy
- Reality Orientation Therapy
- Relaxation Therapy
- Walking Group
- Extend Exercise Group
- Optician
- Dentist as required
- Art Therapy

What Sets Us Apart

All About Us

At Aclare Nursing Home, Joe and Breege Muldowney, with extensive experience in elderly care, own and oversee operations. Tendia Marima, our Director of Nursing, brings over 30 years of nursing expertise and managerial experience.

Our dedicated staff undergo induction training and continuous development throughout their tenure, ensuring the highest standard of care for residents. We prioritize ongoing training and skill development for all team members.

With a registered qualified nurse available 24/7, supported by competent nursing care assistants, our staffing ensures round-the-clock care. Our diverse team includes healthcare professionals, chefs, kitchen assistants, activities therapists, housekeeping staff, a gardener, maintenance personnel, and administration staff. Together, we are committed to providing quality care and a comfortable environment for our residents.

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