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Discover a vast pool of qualified candidates, both in-country and overseas, ready to fill healthcare assistant and staff nurse positions. Benefit from our extensive network to find the perfect fit for your nursing home, ensuring quality care and seamless staffing solutions.

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Scope of Services

Cats Consulting agrees to provide the following services to Client:

  1. Talent sourcing: Cats Consulting will act as a recruitment office to source candidates through recruitment campaigns, advertising, and networking.

  2. Candidate Screening: Cats Consulting will conduct initial reviews of candidate credentials to provide profiles that match the specific requirements of the Clients in specialized areas.

  3. Interviews: Cats Consulting will arrange online or direct meetings/interviews as per the preference of the Clients.

  4. Negotiations: Cats Consulting will initiate negotiations with the selected candidates regarding the offered pay scale, if required.

  5. Pre-employment screening: Cats Consulting provides pre-employment screening services, including reference collection from past employers.

Placement of Overseas Applicants

Cats Consulting will offer the following services to Clients in relation to overseas applicants:

  1. Interviews: Cats Consulting will arrange online meetings/interviews as per the preference of the Clients.

  2. Documentation Work: Once a candidate is selected by the Client, Cats Consulting will commence the necessary documentation work, including drafting the contracts, Labour Market Needs Test, processing work permits, visa applications, and travel arrangements.

  3. Post Arrival Services: Cats Consulting will assist with post-arrival services such as airport pick-up and drop-off, arranging temporary accommodation upon request, and facilitating mobile connections.

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