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FirstCare Nursing Home – Beneavin Manor

Orpea Residences Ireland stands as a premier provider of top-tier nursing homes and homecare services throughout Ireland. With a network comprising 24 nursing homes and a single homecare enterprise, we extend our services across urban and rural landscapes nationwide.

Dedicated to delivering outstanding care, we foster warm, inclusive environments within each of our residences. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through the exceptional care provided by our proficient staff, ensuring the utmost comfort and wellbeing of our residents.

Continuous enhancement of quality drives our operations, as we actively seek feedback and invest in our personnel to elevate the standard of care. Guided by our core values, we deliver compassionate and tailored care, addressing the unique needs of each resident.

Our comprehensive services encompass spiritual, medical, physical, and emotional support, catering to the diverse requirements of our residents. Our dedicated team strives to enrich the lives of our residents, empowering them to embrace their golden years with contentment and fulfilment.

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