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Thank you for your application

Please check your email!

Follow the instructions and you might get recruited

Please continue all communication Via Email. 

Please respond to the recent email from your application submission. If you missed uploading any documents in the application, you can send them directly to

Additionally, reply with your name, Skype ID, and phone number.

We receive a significant number of applications daily. If you're shortlisted, your resume will be forwarded to institutions with current openings.

If an institution shortlists you, one of our consultants will contact you to schedule an interview. For seamless communication, please provide your name, contact number, and Skype ID in your email response.

Candidates who follow these steps are prioritized, as they demonstrate genuine interest.

All communications should continue via email. If you haven’t received any feedback two weeks post-application, please notify us. We will endeavor to prioritize you if you meet the qualifications.

It's important to understand that making continuous calls or sending WhatsApp messages won't expedite the process. Email follow-ups are more effective.

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